A Mum with no sleep: my struggles in a Vlog


From the moment you announce you are pregnant, the world seems to become obsessed with the word ‘sleep’.

It became a pet peeve of mine… ‘Get as much sleep as you can now, because you won’t get any when he’s here’. Yes, so you and every other parent keeps telling me.

I used to feel uncomfortable when a parent would say ‘you don’t understand the word tired until you have a baby’, I found it really patronising.

But nowadays, I totally get it. I never really understood exhaustion until now.

Our little boy is seven months old at the moment, seventeen pounds of giggly cuteness that has shown me a level of love I never thought possible.

But our battle with sleep, which has been going on for almost four months, has meant I often haven’t felt that.

I decided to Vlog openly about my experiences in the hope that other Mums experiencing the same will know they aren’t alone.

You can view my video here


How is your little one sleeping? Have you experienced problems like ours? What advice would you give other, sleep deprived Mums?

Pink Pear Bear



  1. I love your honesty, it really is exhausting when your littles aren’t sleeping but we don’t necessarily talk about it. Thank you for sharing your experience in this, I’m sure it will help many other Mums to realise that they’re not alone in this feeling. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x


  2. I made every sleep mistake in the book with Harry and i am paying for it now when he’s 5. He wont sleep in his bed,he sleeps in our bed and he has no routine. With Charley i did the total opposite and she’s a dream and sleeps so well in her cot. I hate that ‘people’ were right but it does show routine and not rocking them to sleep is the key. Good Luck X #postsfromtheheart


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